Welcome to my site!

How do we mark, interpret, and remember the past? How can the past become more meaningful to us? What difference can an understanding of history make in our present lives, and in our relationships with each other? It is these types of questions and more that I hope to explore on this site, and in my work.

Downtown Post Office and Carnegie Library Historical Marker, Reno, Nevada.

How do we move from humdrum history, from blocks of text engraved on uninspired markers (right), to depictions of past events–in a variety of formats–that  feel as engaging, present, and consequential as they must have felt to those who first experienced them?

I am fascinated by this challenge, in my writing, in my teaching, and in my work with museums, community organizations, governmental agencies, and the media. I hope here to present my thoughts, observations, concerns, and, hopefully, epiphanies, as I share this pursuit with so many fantastic collaborators, both far and near. Welcome!